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A dangerous foe

The butcher of Aventine contemplates the future

Foolish. So very foolish. Dragos Kell was not impressed by what he saw, by the priest while he was interviewed by some local newscrew. Kell did not know the details of what had happened deep below, but he could guess some things. Apparantely the new blood had found Drazitine, and based on what he’d seen, the old Rogue Trader had killed himself. Bastard must have been in stasis for thousands of years – only to kill himself? And then the whole ‘statue’ of Minos. It had stopped moving after it had delivered Drazitine’s corpse, but Kell knew the thing was still alive. Sicarius and Maximoff were more than happy to give the now immobile statue to the Inquisition, the two were already busy creating a replacement statue they’d claim was the one who performed the miraculous deed.

Common people couldn’t know that some ancient, heretical Xenotech device had caused the ‘statue’ to move. Lies would have to be told. Another lie in a sector filled with them. Another history falsified. Kell wondered how did that Sister think about all of this, about how Drazitine was now thought to be a Saint, and how the priest in her cell was giving statements supporting that claim to newscrews. She would certainly be useful when tearing down the priest and his weak faith. After all, her recorded statement so far had already been very, very useful. Too bad about the servo skull though, Dragos thought irritably, and turned to look at his men hard at work trying to salvage what they could from its memory.

“Any progress?”
“Some, but I think most of this is worthless, sir. Whatever happened corrupted the recordings, its mostly garbled nonsense. There are some moments here and there that are mostly intact, but not very many of them.”

Dragos sighed, he would have to see how useful the rest were going to be. At least he could just tell Cerra to give the debriefing to the Inquisitor, no chance at making a compilation of the footage. Shame, that would have been helpful in condemning that priest.

“Sir, we did find something you should see though. A few minutes of footage that were completely uncorrupted, and, well, see for yourself.”

Kell looked at his henchman with some surprise, but nodded and came over, away from the newscast from Drazitine’s funeral. It took a couple of moments, but soon the footage was running on a larger pict screen. It took him a few seconds to grasp what was being shown, but when he did, he smiled. “You really should have taken my offer you poor bastard.”

The priest had shown very little fear in regards to him so far. Dragos decided it was time to teach the bastard why everyone who knew the name ‘Dragos Kell’ feared the man behind it.


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