Askellonin Synnit

Lost in the dark

Somewhere, she waits

Adrift again…

The contact had been lost. She could not even remember when was the last time a Thrice-Chosen had done that, prevented her from guiding those who would resist those who seek Doom. But, here she was, cut off. She hoped the priest had not perished in those murky tunnels, what little she could sense from her chosen indicated he had at least arrived and left safely. But, the priest would just have to survive alone in the dark, with only Drazitine’s book to give him company. At least the little trick seemed to still work, but it was not the most… reliable of methods. Still, better than nothing. She would have to thank her little helper for that later.

Snope’s World was mostly cut off from her, so she cast off her mind wider, and tried to decipher what was yet to come. Each Thrice-Chosen was different, with their motives, methods and allies being ever-changing, but usually there were easy patterns to look for. But, here she was, blindly reacting to the actions of a nameless and faceless monster, whoever he or she was. There were some signs, but it had taken her time – too much time – to realize what they meant. She had suspected this particular Thrice-Chosen was aware of her, but how, of this she had no idea. None of the usual portents indicating the arrival of a new Thrice-Chosen had appeared. All of a sudden, he had just been there, right after most of her chosen had died, seemingly innocently. Fear was an alien feeling to her, but she was worried. It had taken him so little time to destroy all she had built up throughout her long vigil. And now, the only thing she saw was more and more darkness. Snope’s World would be just the beginning. The Seekers of Doom were stepping out of the shadows along with the Thrice-Chosen.

This Thrice-Chosen had done none of the usual mistakes the madmen trying to become that horrifying herald of Doom did. Perhaps he had done other mistakes, but she had not seen them – because he was prepared against her. Only now, when he had begun to act more openly, could she even see the ripples of his actions. And she had even been forced to set in motion the actions of the last prophecy, even though she knew where it would lead. Worst of all, those who should have stood against what was to come had died by his hands, and she’d been forced to try her risky gambit. It was too early to say whether it would be successful or not, but it was out of her hands now. She could guide, she could counsel, she could manipulate, but she could not control them unless they let her. She could only hope they would not self-destruct until she could break through whatever the Thrice-Chosen was doing. And that they could prevent him from getting to his true goal on the planet meanwhile…

The Labyrinth of Bone. The Vault.

The Key.


MikkoK MikkoK

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