Harratos Draco quellus

Scarred veteran, Witch minder


Harratos Draco Quellus known as Draco by most of his associates is a 47 years old man with white/grey hair and grey eyes. Draco is a quiet and serious man who often comes across as threateing to people who don’t know him. HIs body is marked by the numerous scars left by bullets and blades that have failed to kill him.


Once againg it was raining as the night begun. Normally Draco would have been sleeping already but couple of hours ago one of the psykers had woken up and started screaming about death coming in the darkness. So now he was following all three of the psykers as they patrolled the city walls trying to divine where the threat was coming from.The best case was that this was just a false alarm but most likely it was going to be another ork attack.

The guards along the wall were scanning the darkness with their searchlights trying to find anything suspicious. Hours passed and nothing happened. Some guard started to relax thinking that it had been a false alarm while others started muttering about how this might be some devious plot by the eldars. Three months ago Draco might have agreed with the guards but the eldars had so far kept their word and stayed away from the human settlements and provided information on ork movements in exchange for some strange xenos devices and trinkets that were found buried around the planet.

Suddenly all three psykers started glowing and screaming in one distorted voice “IT IS COMINGOUR HOPETHE CHARIOT OF HIS WILLOUR FEARTHE FORGOTTEN PLEAOUR DOOMFINALLY ANSWEREDFROM THE DARKNESSTHE FINAL SALVATION” As the psykers screamed they started floating with lightning dancing around them and blood started pouring from their eyes. When a strange red and purple tear started forming in the air between the psykers Draco shot the closest psyker in the head. “THE BURNING SKYHIS ARRIVALOURCRACK With that the psykers dropped to the ground like puppets with their strings cut and one of them missing a head. Of course that was the moment when the orks finally decided to attack.

Hours later the sun was finally rising. Once again they had survived the night and now they just had to survive the day while killing as many orks and whatever other xenos, beasts and heretics they found before the next night.

Harratos Draco quellus

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