Inquisitorial Acolyte <REDACTED>

The Professional


Homeworld: Frontier World
Character Background: Adeptus Arbites
Role: Seeker
Divination: “Mutation without, Corruption within”

Malignancies: Fell Obsession (implant eyeballs), Bloodlust

Mutations: Bestial Hide

Superstition: The dead need to be turned upwards so that they can see the Emperor

Mementos: Eyepatch, Iron chain

Peer: Criminal Cartels
Enemy: Adeptus Arbites


Adeptus Arbites’ Interrogation Report XJ-3384


“Once more, tell me about the village, REDACTED. How much?”

“What, what do you mean by th…”

sounds of metal striking flesh

“It doesn’t matter if you confessed or not, ya know. You were the only official of the colony, and its only survivor. It’s obvious you striked a deal with the Xenos to let them in. Who else would know the access codes to the defense grid? The only thing we’re interested in now is to find out what they offered to you, and why they left you to bite the dust.”

more sounds, followed by quiet whimpering

“stop please stop”

“What did ya say, you traitor!? You’re a bloody disgrace to the name of Adeptus Arbites!”

sounds continue, until cut off by the sound of an opening door and the clang of a metal foot stepping into the room

“Who gave ya permission to enter!? This is official Arbites bussin!..”

“That’ll be all, Arbitrator. I’m here to take this fine young man with me. Official bussiness, I’m afraid. Though, I think you’ll be happy to know that the accused REDACTED has been found guilty and has been executed for his crimes. Come along then… oh, it appears that you cannot walk anymore. We’ll have to do something about those…”


Inquisitorional Dossier, Entry: REDACTED

Strengths: Ability to blend in a crowd, information-gathering, marksmanship, subtlety, contact network, air of professionalism
Weaknesses: Naive, inexperienced, control freak, inability to resist pressure

Completed missions: 2 Hereticus Minoris
Failed missions: 1 Hereticus Majoris

Acolyte REDACTED was a member of the Adeptus Arbites in the colony of Settlement 228 in the Calixis Sector. He was scouted into the service of the Inquisition following a Xenos attack on the colony, which left him as the sole survivor. Officially he is designated an executed traitor, but the Adeptus Arbites know the truth. Since becoming an Acolyte, REDACTED has shown remarkable capabilities in what the Vanus Temple would call “social engineering”: the delicate art of gathering information from the crowd and manipulating them subtly to do your bidding, while leaving as little clues behind as possible about your identity and motives. This ability is only marred by his continuing belief in the superstitions of his homeworld, regardless of punitive measures, and his identifying mark: cybernetic legs, which narrow down investigations quite a bit. After his induction into the Inquisition, REDACTED has assumed a deliberate aura of professionalism. He introduces himself with code names and prefers to keep all information on a need-to-know basis. This tendency hasn’t yet blossomed into full-blown paranoia.

Acolyte REDACTED is uncommonly naive. Despite infiltrating heretical cults in two separate occasions, he does not truly believe in the existence of Daemons. Psychological torture has been administered to him, in an effort to toughen up his mind for the inevitable contact with the forces of the Immaterium, but the effects cannot be seen until tested in the field. After the torture, REDACTED has been carving eyeballs from wood, as well as preserving animal eyeballs. Due to these factors, it is not recommended to give REDACTED any position of leadership in the cell, but instead allow him to work in an advisionarial role, to try to keep the Inquisition’s involvement from becoming known.

Inquisitorial Acolyte <REDACTED>

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