Yarl Salcson

A young psyker, fresh off sanctioning on Terra


Yarl is a 22 year old male sanctioned psyker with brown eyes, red hair, ruddy skin, large hands and a loud voice. Personable for a witch, Yarl is quick to laugh while not divining the future or channeling the energies of the warp. Working for Inquisition is Yarl’s first real task after his sanctioning on Holy Terra and he is eager to prove himself both reliable and useful. Yarl knows the ancestors are watching and will not disappoint them by showing cowardice in battle.


Yarl was born to a tribe of horse nomads on the feral world of Zeeman, belonging to the Rogue Trader Mallus von Behring. When Yarl was six years old the tribe’s shaman saw a vision in the fire. The shaman told the tribe Yarl would be able to speak to spirits and so Salc sent Yarl to study under the old shaman. When Yarl was 16 years old the shaman saw another vision in the fire. The shaman left for the wilderness and told Yarl to await at the yurt for strange men who would take him to the stars. The next morning henchmen of the rogue trader arrived and took Yarl with them to Ducommun, another world belonging to von Behring.

For reasons unknown the Witch Tower of Ducommun was empty at the time and the Imperium’s Black Ships were expected to arrive soon. Von Behring solved this problem by importing psykers, including Yarl, from other nearby worlds for tithing to the Imperium. The Black Ships took Yarl to Terra for sanctioning, which deeply affected Yarl. During his sanctioning Yarl came in contact with and converted to a cult, who worship the Emperor for his psychic might. Although the cult is permitted by the Ecclesiarchy, and its practices no more esoteric than many other official branches of the imperial cult, a thoughtful theologian might be worried by the notion of psychic might makes right built into the cults philosophy.

After sanctioning Yarl was assigned to an Imperial Guard regiment being raised on one of Ascellon’s worlds. During the warp transit to the regiment’s first deployment Yarl’s handler was severely annoyed by Sir Klaus Martinus, a scion of a minor noble house who declared himself invincible in the game of regicide. Yarl’s handler set up a game between Yarl and Martinus, which ended in Yarl’s victory thanks to divination. As an incredibly vain man, Martinus demanded rematch after rematch with Yarl progressively losing his flak cloak, long las and grenades to Yarl over the game. When the regiment arrived at its target world it found an Inquisitorial vessel already waiting in orbit with orders to transfer Yarl over to them. As Yarl left to serve the Inquisition, on the planet below the regiment’s landing craft were caught in a freak storm. Scattered all over the planet’s surface the regiment’s brave men were slaughtered piece meal by foul xenos, who quite possibly foresaw the storm and might have been defeated had the regiment included a diviner.

Yarl Salcson

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