Conversations regarding recent events

“Oy, boss, look. Da sky ain’t dark”
“Wot? Eh? It’s, uh… sorta purply now? Wot?”
“Wot? Dat’s… dat’s weird boss.”
“Ya know, I fink, I fink all dat shoutin’ and stuff dat we ‘eard jus’ now mite be related.”
“You so smart boss”
“Dat’s why I’m da boss you git.”
“Wot you fink it means boss?”
“Some git needs krumpin’.”
“You so smart boss.”

“Yes Morrison?”
“We, uh, lost contact with the ship.”
“What? Are you sure you haven’t just messed up everything again?”
“Uh, no sir. A-and, the last few seconds from the other end, they, uh. They were screaming. They were screaming a lot.
“…well shit. So. I have no idea whose in command right now.”
“That means we are in deep shit.”
“Yes sir.”
“…aaaand the sky just turned dark purple. That’s just great. We’re all probably going to die horribly.”

“Hey, isn’t that our base on the news?”
“Oh, it is. Aaaaand it got obliterated by… something? cough The camera doesn’t appear to have gotten a good look at it. Lots of gold and purple though. Hmm.”
“Can you calm down, we still have the Alpha subject and a few of the more placid test subjects. What a stroke of luck we were doing field testing today, eh?”
“Practice. lots of coughing Oh. I bet I know who that horrible thing was. Hmm. Wonder how she got here.”
“Yes, yes. Why don’t you torture a puppy or cough something, to calm down a little. I think we’ve got a Daemon Prince loose on the planet, so we are going to need some calm heads if we don’t want to end up as demon chow. "

“My lord, the reinforcements you ordered underground? They have arrived.”
“Excellent. What’s the news?”
“You seem pale major, what’s the matter?”
“I… the original attack force? Over two thousand men, with tank support?”
“They are almost all dead. All life in that vast chamber has been killed. All those brave men and women were massacred along with the Xenos monstrosities by some dread force.”
“I-I – may the Emperor protect.”
“I hope so my lord. I hope so. A-and it seems this was not an isolated incident.”
“…I believe, you should try to reach my daughter somehow now. Please.”
“Yes my lord. I will try my best.”

“Huh. That seems bad. Bet those guys will give me the Chronodex now though, I mean, I know how to use it, and could definitely save us all with it. Don’t you agree, you sweetest little titanic monstrosity? We, uh, should still probably find a way out of this fog first. I don’t have infinite fuel for this jetpack.

…I think."

Conversations regarding recent events

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