Doom of Askellon

Who is the Thrice-Chosen?

For his time has come.

And he does not come alone.

With him come the Three.

For greed, for pride, for faith, they seek Doom.

Without the Thrice-Chosen, they would have destroyed each other.

With the Thrice-Chosen, they will bring oblivion to us all.

Where it all began ages ago, where the seeds of Doom were planted

That is where the end begins.

Truth awaits in the bowels of the Labyrinth, where past mingles with the present

Verse Two Silly Things

The Slayer of Men, of Beasts, of Spirits, she prepares.

Whoops lol, a Daemon Prince(ss) fucked her over. Prophecies are bullshit.

The Hijacked Totally Legit Verse That’s The Only One That Counts

The Shattered One. Steelsoul. The IIII IIIIIII. The Huntress. The four heralds of the most beautiful and perfect being in existence.

Oh Thanatos is somewhere too I guess. Need a sixth lieutenant as well I suppose. Six is important. THERE MUST BE SIX. ALWAYS SIX.

What next, what next… oh, you’re almost ready Steelsoul? Great! IIII IIIIIII is almost here as well, not long now. Am I forgetting something, or someone now? Hmm.

Eh, can’t be anything too important. If it was, Huntress would surely nag about it, that’s all she does anyway. Wait, I got it! It was… something about shadows? Eh, Dark Prince take it, can’t bother. Got to plan the concert!

Doom of Askellon

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