Dragos Kell

“I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to give you advice, you are all bound to die horribly anyway – but maybe you’ll surprise me.”

Dragos Kell is a man who has seen too much. Dragos has been the right hand of the Inquisitor for over 60 years already, and during that time he has seen the worst that Askellon has to offer. A grim pessimist, he sees little reason to foster any hope in any new acolytes – it is better that they know immediately how difficult a task they have ahead of them. While he sometimes gloats about his past achievements, such as his victory over the Juno’s Ten, ten heretical witches who plagued Juno more than a decade ago, he tends to leave out details like how many acolytes or throne agents died during those ‘glorious’ achievements. To be honest, Dragos should have become an Inquisitor in his own right decades ago, but the Inquisitor has been unwilling to let go of such an useful servant, and besides, Dragos pretty much runs most of the Inquisitor’s day-to-day operation anyway. It is clear his reputation is well-known throughout Askellon, whether as the ‘Butcher of Aventine’ or by some other local nickname, but Dragos Kell is a man that is (rightfully) feared as the hatchetman of the Inquisition all across the sector.

Dragos is usually dressed up in a black overcoat, sometimes decorated with the symbols of the Inquisition, but usually unmarked. His true age is difficult to tell due to extensive juvenat work, but his gray hair and tired eyes do tell of a long, hard life, as do the scars on his face. If everything the Acolytes have heard is correct, Dragos Kell has most likely lived for over a century, especially when taking into account his accidental temporal displacement fourty years ago.

The Acolytes have slowly begun to find clues pointing at Dragos Kell planning something catastrophic to the entire sector, and there have been a few attempts on their lives probably orchestrated by Kell. At the moment, they have no true evidence of it though, and any accusation against Kell would pit their word against his – and when it comes to trust on the word of a respected, senior Inquisitorial agent of Kell’s status pitted against the word of a group of Acolytes who are already under a bit of scrutiny, Kell would win every time.

The cleansing of the Chastess Isles was an event that clearly unhinged Dragos Kell somewhat, and certain signs point to Dragos finding out later his family had nothing to do with someone betraying Inquisitor Barbicane. The question is, who was the traitor?

Dragos Kell

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