The Good Captain

The legendary Rogue Trader from Askellon’s past who laid down the foundations for a plan to prevent the Thrice-Chosen prophecy from ever succeeding after being tricked by a Daemon into setting the prophecy in motion. Was encased in a stasis pod for thousands of yars deep below Hive Saturna, Snope’s World’s capital. Gave information about the Thrice-Chosen prophecy to the original five Acolytes before he shot himself “for his sins”.

His Crew:

Minos, the abhuman/mutant resembling a bullheaded giant. Utterly loyal to Drazitine to the end, but in the end his soul was apparantely put into a some sort of wraithbone construct presumably built by Kazamov after something horrible happened to him.

Languin Temeril, the scribe who served as Drazitine’s sage. Read through the Chronodex, and devised a plan to both destroy the Daemon who tricked Drazitine by turning it into pure energy, as well as taking that energy for herself. Took up the role of Saint Corania the Iridescent, and is still ‘alive’ in some sense. Was ‘asleep’ for three thousand years, until the Acolytes woke her up by blowing the Bone Labyrinth, before which she promised she would come to the Acolytes aid in their “darkest moment” should she be awoken. Does not like getting hit in the face with a shovel.

Eizandra, the Eldar Ranger who chose to defend Askellon instead of letting it get destroyed, as the Eldar in general were willing to let that happen. Became Drazitine’s right hand woman. Slew his own bother. Currently on Aventine on her little island. Revealed that she suspected the prophecy was in fact a description of a curse, or that at the very least Languin mistranslated the texts regarding it.

Kazamov, the enigmatic Explorator Magos that showed unhealthy amounts of interest in combining Imperial and Xeno technology, as seen by Minos’ state in the Bone Labyrinth, and the modifications built into that ancient place. Currently hiding somewhere on Aventine, presumably planning to throw it into the Warp in an attempt to derail the prophecy.

Davion Temeril, brother of Languin Temeril, the Missionary of Drazitine’s crew. Died as part of the ritual to destroy the Daemon’s mind.


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