Faceless Soldiers Ad

No plot too big! No job too small!

Are you in dire need of trained soldiers? Do you have trouble getting the local PDF or Imperial Guard forces to help you? Worry not! The Faceless Soldiers are here to help you!

We offer fairly affordable rates for our highly trained mercenaries, and you can find us all over Askellon. Who knows, perhaps we are already on your planet, guarding some noble who hired us, or aiding some other party in whatever it is they are doing! Don’t try to approach us if we are. We will kill you if you attempt to interfere.

But that just goes to show how loyal we are to our clients! No matter what it is you want us to do, we will do it, as long as the price is right. Want some bodyguards? We just want to know how many and of what quality. Want to organize a coup? We have a two for one special with coups! Need some bastard killed? Just say their name and they as good as dead. Unless he or she is our client as well, in which case you will have to wait until we have finished our contracts with him or her. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do to help you, as long as the sky is filled with guns and death.

Here are some of our standard packages:
A fireteam – get a small elite team of mercs for bodyguard duties, or small scale operations. Can be upgraded with a Drakkar Brute for a small extra fee.
Company – are you perhaps a Rogue Trader in need of some additional manpower? Or an Inquisitor seeking some extra firepower against some horrid thing? We don’t care! Just give us money and we’ll come and help you with your problems!
Coup Special – for those times when you need to take over a planet, we are here to help you. We don’t care why you want to do it, we just want your money, and a guarantee that we get off the planet.
And more! If you are unsure how many mercs do you need, just ask our professional opinion! Our highly trained officers can analyze your needs and recommend a mercenary package tailored to your needs!

Of course, sometimes you need just a couple of specialists for a job, and we have many highly trained killers whom you can hire!

Tartarus, a true death dealer, marksman without peer – even the Vindicare envy his aim! Currently on an assignment, but feel free to ask!
Gorgon, the masked woman of fearsome power! Only one of our brave leaders who is also willing to work as a specialist for hire! Whenever you absolutely, positively need a lot of people killed, ask for Gorgon. Currently on an assignment, but feel free to ask!.
Styx, a highly skilled infiltrator for all your espionage needs. Just be careful, she can be feisty! She even disdains our specialist naming scheme, but we forgive her. Currently on an assignment, but feel free to ask!
Deimos, a Xenos of the Drakkar breed, a titan of war! When you absolutely, positively need a three meters tall reptilian warrior at your side, accept no substitute. Comes with three additional mercenaries acting as translators – Deimos does understand you, but he cannot speak low Gothic with his alien physiology! He is also an excellent poet, but his poetry comes with an additional fee.
Charybdis, a master of aetheric energies. Do you have a problem with unnatural forces? Ask for Charybdis, he can sort your little problem out, usually by blowing its brains out from the inside!

And many more! Just give us details about your needs, and we can recommend a specialist for you!

We are also always hiring new people, we are experiencing a big boom in contracts lately, and we need all the manpower we can get! If you think you have what it takes to take up arms and become a highly paid mercenary, give us a call!

Faceless Soldiers Ad

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