General Maximoff

This is a day of mourning. A great blow has been struck at us – this murderous lunatic, Sicarius, has gone too far! Our beautiful city burns – it is time to stop this madness where it started. Sicarius. Must. DIE!

Full Name and title: General Thorin Maximoff

Occupation:Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Snope’s World

An arrogant and pompous man, Maximoff fits perfectly in to the general stereotype of nobility uplifted to officerhood, except for one crucial fact: he is no fool. He leads his troops with an iron fist, and he will not let any rebellious activity go unpunished. He has been itching for an excuse for months, and now Sicarius has given him one – the assault on Huss’s mansion has shocked the lords of Snope’s World, and he is gaining more and more power to hunt the rebels of Lower-Saturna. He is determined to bring an end to Sicarius and his rebellion, and will not care if he has to burn down all of Lower-Saturna to do it. The only thing that matters is that the rebellion ends – no matter how bloody the cost.

General Maximoff

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