Harratos thoughts on the group

Yarl/Clone of Yarl
Useful but erratic and ignorant of many common things because of his feral origins. I probably know the clone better than the original considering how little time the original was in the group and from what little i have seen of the original afterwards the clone seem to currently be saner. If the situation was better he would have already been shot on multiple occasions.

Her fanaticism is nice and simple. Always ready to purge our enemies and potential enemies as expected of a sister. Her presence keeps the other members vigilant. Doesn’t really handle subtlety or compromises well. Must keep an eye on her to stop her from making rash decisions. Likes fire. The others seem to be ignoring her lately.

Competent scholar as long as you keep him away from drugs. Seemed to be the most trustworthy member of the group but is growing more and more erratic lately. Seems tormented and seeks help from drugs. The others seem to be ignoring him lately.

The ex-mercenary is a good driver and experienced soldier. Hastes his old Boss/Bosses. Calm and level-headed which is something our group needs. Joined us to get away from the mercenaries. I don’t think he truly understood what joining our group meant back when he joined. Has been made an actual acolyte now by Inquisitor Janis Petke.

The curious brother. He is too interested in and easily distracted by dangerous phenomenons. His approach to many problems seems reckless.

The quiet brother. He doesn’t seem interested in anything and rarely reacts to anything. Seems to like old sayings and metaphors.

The new guy
Seems competent enough but is still young and naive. Time will fix that but how much time do we have? Has lately been acting extremely paranoid which isn’t a bad quality but he must learn to not be so obvious with his paranoia. From Calixis.

Garak (No longer a member of the group)
A traitor that should be dead.

Harratos thoughts on the group

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