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For thousands of years, Juno has stood proud – the capital of Askellon, Juno has a long and revered past. But having been the target of invasions from almost every enemy of the Imperium through its history, Juno’s best days are long gone. Hives and cities have suffered catastrophic assaults from varied foes – the most recent atrocity was the horrifying Night of Angels perpetrated by the arch-heretic known as the Blessed One in Vesuna Regis, the planet’s capital. Ultimately, the monster and its tower were brought down, and the city almost succumbed to madness, corruption and oblivion. Almost, but not quite – the Blessed One was stopped, even if the cost was a heavy one. Each time Juno has been brought to its knees, it has been rebuilt – a little less glorious, perhaps, but Juno endures, even if the sins of the past have left their mark.

As Hive World, but replace Home World Bonus with the following:

Fight or Flight: Characters from Juno start with Resistance (Fear) talent, Common Lore (Juno) at rank 1 and consider their Agility’s ability bonus one higher than usual when either running away from a fear-causing entity, or charging towards a fear-causing entity.


After most of her family died, except for her little brother, Tramarch was in quite a pickle. Her family was in ruins, other nobles did not really respect her, and it didn’t take long for the first attempt from other nobles to take over her family business. While she came on top of that, she decided that she needed a family – and she had learnt some rather… interesting lessons during her time at the symposium. She had been told very clearly that what you should not ever do when it comes to vat grown servitor bodies, as it would result in sentience. She was also told very clearly what not to do to install memories and skills to these same vat grown bodies.
Some decades later, Tramarch has mysteriously regained a rather large array of daughters, all looking just barely different from each other, and all a bit paler than usual. Strange, that. Tramarch has enough clout that nobody has called her out on blatantly cloning herself a couple dozen times, and putting each ‘child’ through different upbringings and training regimes. Each child has a purpose in life, fulfilling some need that Tramarch family’s matriarch needs fulfilling. Usually lady Tramarch sends her most rebellious children on the most dangerous tasks…

As Highborn, but replace Home World Bonus with the following:

Built for a purpose: Each Tramarch Child is specialized in some task or need that lady Tramarch needs done, and as such each child’s personalities, skills and even physical builds vary a lot. Each Tramarch Child gains the Autosanguine Implant, a free skill of their choice at rank 1, peer (Tramarch) and +5 into a stat of their choosing – however, each Tramarch child ALSO takes 1d10 extra insanity points at character creation, 1d5 extra corruption, and enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus). The Aventinian Machine Cult cannot prove that Tramarch is cloning herself, but they have realized it a long time ago. And the Machine Cult in general views False Men (and False Women) with quite a bit of derision.


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