Libris Maleficarum

Excerpts from Volume Three: Slaanesh

“The servants of the Dark Prince take many forms, and most are equal parts alluring and terrifying, with few mortals able to resist that damnable allure. Even the lowliest servants of the dread force called Slaanesh afflict all who gaze upon them with desire, whether they want it or not – of course, it is far easier to resist the allure of one of the minor servants than of the Princes of Excess, for example. A mortal mind can easily be shattered by the mere sight of these beings, as they are creatures of both unfathomable terror, and unimaginable beauty.”
- pg. 37

“Another curious member of the menagerie of horrors among the Daemons haunting Askellon is the monster known simply as the Huntress. Most of the creatures of the Immaterium do not use their True Names, true, but her name is oddly simple – just a statement of what she does. Hunts. Most Daemons even have a collection of names and aliases they use, but she seems to only use that simple statement of intent. What makes her disdain the common naming styles of Daemons, I wonder?”
- pg. 360

On the Lesser Servants of the Nightmare Queen

Most of the daemonic servants of this particular major Daemon seem to be created out of the souls of mortals, twisted and corrupted so far away from their original selves that almost nothing remains. Yet, borne out of human souls they are, and that can be exploited. While they are insane sociopathic monsters like all of the inhabitants of the Immaterium, a tortured fragment of their original soul still exists somewhere inside of them, its suffering powering the monster they are now. Pleading to this would be pointless of course, as most of the minor servants do not even know it exists, but invoking it in certain ways can hurt the demons.

The most effective way I have found out in my research are blades blessed by the rite of Forgiveness, with ritual conducted by ordinary Imperial citizens. The same ritual can be applied to individual bullets as well, but it is, in my opinion, more worthwhile to do it on sanctified blades, hammers and such, as it requires far less manpower and effort – especially as one citizen can only apply it to one weapon or bullet. As my unfortunate assistants found out, one person can only perform one rite that works. I am not certain why it is so, but the ways of the Immaterium are mysterious. The most important fact is, that it works – I am not completely certain why, but I suppose the rite of Forgiveness resonates with the last ruined fragments of the mortal soul in those lesser servants, and causes immense pain to the creature it has become.

The Greater Servants of Lady of Dreams

It has been difficult to track down information about this specific demon, as it appears to have used various aliases throughout the millenia, with the only clues being that it seemingly prefers generally feminine personalities, meddling in people’s dreams and nightmares, and an affinity to all sort of twisted games. General personality aside, the greatest clue hinting that the enigmatic Lady is a certain demon is the presence of some of its greater servants, who are easier to identify than the Daemon Prince itself. Or Daemon Princess, as the beast seems to prefer to refer to itself. The easiest one of these demons to identify is of course the Huntress, a powerful demon who always goes by the same title, and whose qualities have not varied at all during any of the confirmed sightings, unlike most demons. Unfortunately, the being is also the most enigmatic of them, and by far the most dangerous.

The Shattered One, the damaged blade

The Shattered One is somewhat of a classical devil in its appearance, a towering monster of flesh and armour that resembles some creatures of ancient Terran myths. Despite its distinct appearance, it isn’t its most notable feature – rather, the reason behind its nickname. The Shattered One seems to be a being whose core is, well, shattered, and it is its greatest strength – and weakness. While it can avoid serious blows due to its condition, and can surprise its foes by appearing out of nowhere from its shattered state, it can be harmed while it is shattered. A simple addition of holy water into a flamers promethium tanks means you can damage the beast’s shards after it has shattered, forcing it to take a stable form each time its shards are doused in those enchanced flames.

Diabolus ex Machina

The Daemon of the Machine, Steel Soul, is a creature that disdains flesh, an odd opinion for a daemon. Even its physical form seems to be mostly made out of some form of unholy daemon metal, at least if the few scattered mentions of its physical appearances are correct. Steel Soul seems to be the weakest of the Daemon Princess’ servants, despite its imposing appearance. Still, it is almost as dangerous as the Huntress, as what this being lacks in raw power, it makes up for with guile. It is a daemon that knows its way around machinery, often possessing them with relative ease compared to most demons, and it often uses those possessed machines to make the jump into a mortal host – albeit this jump is usually done just so that the creature could get itself inside ever greater machinery to do ever greater evil. Still, this affinity with machines comes with downsides for the beast, for anything that disrupts machinery, disrupts Steel Soul as well, regardless of whether he is in a host or not. Be wary of any of your allies reacting oddly in the presence of machines, they may already be possessed.

The Unknown Daemon

The demon’s name is ¤)¤& &)&%¤&%, which, of course, you dear reader probably cannot read. Through some daemonic sorceries, this creature’s most common name is hidden to all those who have not heard it from the creature itself. An interesting form of sorcery, but irrevelant right now. Hubris seems to be dangerous to this entity, not just metaphorically, but literally – at least I suspect that is why stealing the weapons of this creature and hitting it with them is the best way to harm this creature.

Libris Maleficarum

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