Lies And Truths

There are lies and truths, and finding out which is which would be helpful – and believing lies and disbelieving truths might be dangerous. The Lady told three lies, and three truths – but which is which?

An Eldar told Kell about how he is the Thrice-Chosen

Once Ice-Heart has completed her three sacrifices, the Gate shall open once again

The Inquisitor on the planet that is NOT your dear friend Set holds the key to Aventine’s salvation (Lady also clarified that whether this was truth or not, there is another Inquisitor on the planet anyway – she thought it was obvious to the party, but after noticing confusion, clarified matters. The game isn’t fun if the players don’t understand the rules after all.)

There is still humanity left within Kazamov, and if you approach him correctly, he might just be able to be dragged away from the mad course he is on.

Most of this whole mess is Corania’s fault. Why, she even planted the idea of suicide in Drazitine’s head, whether intentionally or not. What a fuck up.

What Ice Heart personally wants more than anything else, is the power to kill absolutely everyone who coul threaten Aventine in any way. This includes your group by the way. And probably like a quarter of Askellon’s populace.

The Lady also told Hermann not to eat seafood just before her apparition in the mirrors departed.

Lies And Truths

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