Meanwhile in the Warp


Everything was going so well right now, the bunch of bumbling, entertaining, promising little mortal souls was well on their way to another entertaining event. How the game would proceed from now, she couldn’t wait to see. She also actually wanted to try to figure out everything that was going on, spying on those sweet little souls had given her a ‘headache’ when they’d been on that island. Why, if it hadn’t been for sweet old Hermann, she probably couldn’t have known what was being talked about there!

But she did.

And now she had some time to process it. She focused a bit and formed herself a little space in the Warp, and a body to use it, a little bit of physicality always helped her to think. Of course, with no need to cater to so easily exploding human eyes, she let a bit loose, even if the basic form was still mostly humanoid – she did find the basic human form somewhat pleasing, even if she liked to make adjustments to it on willing and unwilling subjects.

Next came the ”conspiracy wall”, the collection of people, events and interesting factoids that were related to this whole interesting Thrice-Chosen debacle. The current events were the most fun she’d had in at least a thousand years! Or more? Or less? Time was hard. Long time any way. Regardless, she added the few nuggets of information that were new to her, and modified the wall with it, looking at the beautiful patterns that formed – or, well, up until the point she noticed some of patterns weren’t complete, some groups had the wrong number of people and so on.

That annoyed her, why were they not following the patterns when almost everything else was following some sort of pattern? The perfect collage, ruined! Unless…

There were patterns she didn’t know about yet. She reclined a bit, laughing as she made herself a comfortable little couch out of bits and pieces of human souls. Good as furniture, entertainment AND food! That value!

She lied there and made the wall a ceiling, and started rearranging everything in search of these patterns she had missed. She sighed a bit, bullying a Tzeentch demon to do this was her usual MO when trying to decipher puzzles like these, but perhaps she wouldn’t get bored of it this time. Replacement moron hadn’t been chosen yet, unfortunately, and she was slightly hoping she could get ol’ Hornhead back to the trio after the current phase was over.

Of course she got bored eventually, but unlike most of her ilk, she was patient. And she didn’t do ”giving up”. In the space of a second in the real world she found it, and it didn’t end up taking that long in the Warp either, though saying how long it was in there is always difficult. Enough to make her get bored though. Still, there it was, just staring her in the face when she knew what to look for.

And how beautiful it was. A masterpiece. Hidden there, in plain sight. The mortals hadn’t noticed it yet, she was sure of that, and she doubted most of their opposition knew either… well, mostly. There was always someone. Something like this didn’t appear by an accident.

In her little piece of the Warp, the Lady begun to plot and scheme, how to best take advantage of this new information – messages were sent to minions, dreams were mucked around in, allies were cajoled into action, and lastly, and most importantly… the couch and the TV were brought in. Time to watch the fireworks. Ah, they were at the second mansion now. If the spoilers were correct, this was going to be such fun.

Meanwhile in the Warp

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