Meanwhile on the Witch Isles

A few days ago, on the Witch Isles

The one known as operative Gamma was running out of patience. She understood that other servants of the Imperium may have their own troubles, but she had plenty as well, and had hoped that she could have done some cooperation with these other agents of the Imperium. But she had been waiting on this island for too long already, quite a bit of time had passed since she had left that misty island and the boat the servants of the Inquisition had commandeered.

Worse, her lead to her target had been proven false, the witch-prison and the people guarding it were not related to her target in any way. A short infiltration of the staff had proven it – and it had proven that something was afoot as well, but her own mission took priority. Handling matters like that was usually the job for Inquisitorial servants. And right now, from her observation point, Gamma was not seeing them around.

Gamma had made an abandoned lighthouse her lair, its automated systems still lighting up each night to inform ships of the nearby land. She appreciated the idea of an Imperial tool still working, even with little to no maintenance – she had seen a small pouch of incense on the ground floor, and some old footsteps in the dust, so it was likely that a Tech-Priest came by to check on the machinery within the tower sometimes. Whoever had that duty was probably being punished somehow, the fact that these so-called ”Witch Isles” were pretty much abandoned proved that nobody wanted to live anywhere near the ominous fortress housing the planet’s psykers. All that was irrelevant except for the observation that it would most likely be months before anyone else would come to the lighthouse, making it the ideal place to observe what was going on the island. Not that she was going to be here for months, she was planning to leave in a day or two if the Acolytes did not show up soon.

She was in the midst of maintaining her weaponry when she saw movement somewhere below, a lone figure walking around the abandoned streets, clearly looking for something. The Assassin quickly armed itself and rushed downstairs, planning to find out who was wandering around in this abandoned village. She stalked the man for a few moments. It didn’t take her long to realize how he wasn’t a threat, and she decided to face him, waiting behind a street corner for him to appear. The man was obviously a messenger, and while disappointing, she could understand that sometimes you do the best you can with limited resources.

And so, she came face to face with the lanky Acolyte with the metal mask.

Meanwhile on the Witch Isles

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