Mister Jenkins

Of course I have what you need. As long as you can pay the price.



Very little is known about Mister Jenkins but the fact that he claims to be a trader of curiosities of all kinds. The things he buys and sells are varied, but you usually know what the price is for what. So far his clientele seems varied, from Inquisitors and Eldar to Daemons – the Three Spectators seem to be amongs his most valued customers. Other known clients are at least Set and the Harlequin that contacted Harratos.

Things bought or sold by Acolytes:
Yarl: Sold his self-denial about being a copy to Jenkins, received a mysterious servoskull in return that scanned the party and then left.
Genevieve: Genevieve left Jenkins a paper with the words “IOU one burning (yours)”. She received a vital clue in return (meaning that Jenkins considered the paper something that was sold to him).
Harratos: Sold Jenkins a few minutes of his time, and got some information in return.
Garak: Sold two minutes of his time, got something in return, but it, like Garak, has been lost forever. Whatever it was.

Things others have bought:
Set: At least a jetpack.
A Harlequin: Five minutes of Harratos’ time (Well, Harratos knows that.)
The Wise One: Two minutes of Garak’s time. (Well, Garak knew that.)
Three Spectators: A TV and various other objects.

Mister Jenkins

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