Recruitment Characters and allied resources



Lady Tramarch the noble with tech-priest training has offered to aid the Acolytes, for a little quid pro quo (as long as the Acolytes survive long enough, that is).

Eizandra helps the Acolytes use the webway system on Aventine, and might have some other uses as well

Praenta and Jenna are both Inquisition veterans, both with their uses

Captain Vane and his crew the pirate ship commandeered by Vane and his men can be useful

Corania-cultists they may be a bit off and slightly crazy, but they can generally speaking be pointed at problems. Results not quaranteed.

Ex-mercs seem ready to help purely because they would rather not die horribly. Currently trying to gather up more mercenary stragglers to their ranks, there are not that many of them yet, only around twenty or so. Still, they are formidable warriors, as the Acolytes have seen time and time again from their numerous clashes against the warriors.

Elodie and the mechanical ‘angels’ the freakishly strong, bizarre and inhuman Lady’s former servants seem willing to help, albeit they are somewhat… monstrous. They also seem to be considering to just run away through the Warp, because that is apparantely a thing they can do. For now, they seem to stay put though. 169, one of the mechanical angels, seemed to have some rappor with Proetus.



Recruitment Characters and allied resources

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