Robed figure


Probable name: Corania, the Saint Iridescent

Originally Corania appeared to several Acolytes individiually and in different ways, warning them of the threat posed by the Thrice Chosen. The robed figure she appeared as did not mention who she was, but it was clear she thought that it was urgent that the Acolytes learn what she has to say. Initially a mysterious and distant figure, she did eventually start acting more down-to-earth, especially towards Hermann, whose life choices were constantly under her scrutiny. Whatever she truly is, she did genuinely seem to want to aid the Acolytes in stopping the Thrice Chosen’s plots, even if she was a highly suspicious figure when it came to how she approached some of the Acolytes.
She apparantely used to have a large network of devotees closely connected to her, but it would seem few remain now according to her words, with most of them having been killed in the last couple of decades. Angelika, the scribe that stole the ninth diary, is one of the surviving devotees.

Lord Drazitine’s and Languin Temeril’s plot:
According to Drazitine, he and his close circle hatched a plot to create a Saint, and Corania is the result. It is unclear what it exactly means, but Drazitine implied that Languin was now the ‘heart’ of the creation. The main reason for the plot seemed to be that Drazitine had decided that he would never let a Thrice Chosen win, after being tricked by the first Thrice Chosen. The Acolytes decided to activate Drazitine’s devices that would destroy the Bone Labyrinth and wake up Corania, which would mean that for the time being Corania would not be able to give the Acolytes any aid, but that she would come to help them “at their darkest moment”, whatever and whenever that would be. Drazitine did not explain what Corania sleeping actually meant though, nor as to why she was ‘asleep’.

The Iridescent Saint:
Corania is a fairly popular Saint on Askellon, partly thanks to her status as the patron Saint of rogue traders – many Askellonian rogue traders pay respects to her, and knowledge of her is widespread thanks to their wandering ways. She is generally speaking thought of as a Saintly guide who steers the lost back on proper Imperial path, and is often the Saint who is prayed to when a citizen feels his or her life has taken a turn for the worse. Her miracles are well known amongst Imperial Clergy, as she has appeared as an iridescent apparition several times in Askellonian history, usually warning of great disasters to come, or of deeds that would have to be made to avert doom. It is perhaps because of these miracles why nobody has taken a closer look on who she was in life, with most priests happily agreeing that whoever she was in life has been lost to history, like so many more stories of the past. Rogue traders especially respect her, and they have witnessed more miracles done by Corania than any other group in Askellon.

A strange robed woman who has appeared to several members of the Acolyte cell.

For Yarl she has appeared in his dreams, warning him about the Thrice-Chosen.

For Garak she may have appeared when he was dragged off to meet Kell for the first time, when a robed figure was scribbling a warning about crows on the walls of a cell.

For Hermann, a woman’s voice keeps whispering things to her, usually ominous, usually related to religion in one way or the other. Also warned Hermann about the Thrice-Chosen.

Has not yet appeared to Genevieve or Harratos… as far as they know.

Also appeared in the mysterious pict recording found amongst the artefacts being evaluated, guiding a group of Tech-Priests and mercenaries towards some sort of tunnel complex with walls of bone. Appeared a second time at the end of the recording to apologize for the dying camera man, exclaiming that “It appears you will not be the ones to stop him.”

Verdun, upon hearing about a mysterious robed woman acting as a guide in the pict recording, seemed to become thoughtful, and said he’d check some things, and inform the Acolytes of his suspicions after Huss’s party.

Robed figure

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