Rogue Trader Huss

Lazarus Huss, the head of the Huss dynasty, has long since left the business of traveling the stars in pursuit of riches and glory to the younger generation – mostly because he became spectacularly rich after his successful colonization of several so far undiscovered planets on Askellon. While he could have decided to spend his twilight years wherever he wanted, he chose the House of Ancient glory on Snope’s World as his residence. Some suspect that he chose Snope’s World due to the respect he has historically shown to Saint Coronia and Drazitine, while others claim he just wanted to be the biggest fish in the pond that is Snope’s World. Now, he spends most of his time collecting esoteric literature and artifacts, focusing his attention on improving his already glorious trophy room to truly spectacular heights.

Unsurprisingly, the parties he holds are thought to be the most glorious in all of Snope’s World, as he loves boasting with his ever-increasing collection. Recently, he has acquired a series of books that Verdun, his chief librarian and inquisitorial contact, brought to the Inquisition’s attention.


His staff suffered massive losses when the rebels assaulted his mansion, and he is currently trying his hardest to fix the damages any way he can. Has promised support for the Acolytes should they try to do something about the impending civil war, with a caveat: they need to convince him that whatever they decide to do, it will be well-thought out and justified. Has mentioned that bloodshed is unlikely to be fixed with more bloodshed. Thinks that someone is manipulating both sides, but can’t really do anything about it personally – cannot really do more than give support to the Acolytes.
In about a month’s time, Lazarus’s son will arrive with Huss’s fleet and troops.

Rogue Trader Huss

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