For too long have the Lords sucked our blood! For too long have they ravaged this once-beautiful world! The time of vengeance – no, the time of JUSTICE, is at hand!


Full name: Unknown, uses the name “Sicarius”
Occupation: Revolutionary
The charismatic leader of the rebellion brewing in the lower classes of Lower-Saturna. Sicarius is willing to use any and all methods to take down the lords of Snope’s World who have – according to him – committed too many sins and crimes for it to be forgiven. Normally an outspoken rebel like him would have been squashed earlier, but he has consistently had the support of some sects of Snopesian Ecclesiarchy, which is how he has managed to avoid the long arm of the Arbites. Now he is a wanted man, in the aftermath of the assault on the House of Ancient Glory, but he is not an easy man to capture. He has vast popular support, and his rebellion has acquired surprisingly heavy weaponry for their cause. With the help of a kidnapped news team, Sicarius has announced his goals to all of Saturna: to take down the corrupt lords of Snope’s World, to stop the downward spiral of Snope’s World, and to make sure the gift of Corania would never again be wasted.

The Acolytes met Sicarius and found out the relationship between him and the faceless mercenaries has gone sour – they had given weapons and training to the rebels, but it would seem that they had got all they wanted with the rebels. Sicarius was willing to cooperate with Acolytes, but they would have to do something for him before that, and the Acolytes told him they would assassinate Maximoff. In return, Sicarius would tell the Acolytes where the mercenaries reside.
As the Acolytes were departing, Sicarius said goodbye to them by telling them not to get lost within the labyrinth of bones.


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