Side Quests


Mirror Mirror
Due to bizarre warp fuckery, there are now two Yarls. One who ran away in flames and disappeared, and one who remained with the rest of the Acolytes. He seems exactly like Yarl used to be like, but then again, so did the Yarl who ran away. It is unlikely this was the last the Acolytes saw of the other Yarl. The only question is, which one ran away, and can they trust Yarl ever again?
During the shared nightmare of the Warband, when the Lady was being ominous and bizarre as demons are wont to do, the Other Yarl was also present for reasons unknown. He did seem bitter and angry at Yarl and the rest of the warband as well, and was convinced the others were working with a demonic doppleganger.
Praenta revealed to Yarl that he was, in fact, the doppleganger, and that Dragos knew it – Dragos covered it up because he wanted doppleganger-Yarl to harm the Acolytes by his very presence.
Update: Kerberus mentioned that he believed something happened to the Other Yarl, something that made him go as insane as he is now. Something happened on Snope’s World to Other Yarl.

Eizandra the Arch-Criminal
An Eldar Harlequin asked Harratos to go and kill Eizandra, Drazitine’s Eldar confidant. He(?) accused her of committing the greatest crime an Eldar could commit (familicide most likely, Harratos remembered that he had heard an Eldar talk about it once). The beebing notes on Harratos’ hand did seem to try to convince Harratos that Eizandra did nothing wrong. The Harlequin mentioned that the Thrice-Chosen plan is to release some ancient horrible creature from its prison, however the details of what exactly is imprisoned has been lost to the mists of time. It was apparantely imprisoned thousands of years ago, but the Harlequin did not mention by whom. Or why.
The mysterious Harlequin that had tasked Harratos with Eizandra’s death bought the five minutes Harratos owed to the Trader Jenkins, giving him some more details about Eizandra. Apparantely Drazitine’s Eldar ally is hiding somewhere on Aventine “in a remote small fishing village, posing as an abhuman”.
The Acolytes have found Eizandra, and it is time for Harratos to decide what he is going to do about her.

Kell’s Fury
Cerra told Hermann that Kell had him in his sights due to the paper Hermann had signed. The seer stated that it would be best for Hermann if their trek to the Depths would be resolved in the best way possible – and that when the Acolytes would get back, it would be best for Hermann to study Imperial law. Kell had also wanted to see Hermann in private after they returned.

RESOLVED, Hermann survived, but the Noble Praenta was attached to the Warband as an observer by Dragos Kell, and the next mission of the Warband was officially deemed a Suicide Mission.

The Pact with the Wise One
Garak entered into a pact with an entity calling itself the Wise One, who appeared to him as a wizened robed figure, clad in a feathery cloak. The entity is a member of the trio of obvious demons who seem to be spectating the events surrounding the Acolyte’s investigation, described as the strongest of the three, but the one whose plans fail disastrously. In exchange for knowledge and wisdom for Garak, the Wise One demanded that Garak would have to destroy some object that the Wise One would let him know about later on.
Resolution:Turns out Wise One is a spectacularily bad demon to make deals with, and Garak was doomed by his choice. Although, the Acolytes never saw his death… And the Wise One is dead now as well.

The Making of a Sororita
-Sister Genevieve has been training in an attempt to truly become a Battle Sister, and has been informed that she would need to acquire the gear and the blessing of the Adepta Sororitas from Aventine. Luckily, there is a Sororitas abbey on Aventine, albeit remote and mostly cut off from the rest of the islands in the region the Warband is headed to. -
Completed:The Acolytes found out the Isle of the Rose had been conquered by the Faceless Soldiers, this particular group being led by one of the Kerberi, Cerberos the Sorcerer. The Acolytes confronted the monster, whose plans were ruined when Ice Heart called him a failure and fired him, also unleashing a devastating assault on the city of the rose from an ancient super-weapon. After a lenghty struggle, Cerberos was finally slain, and Genevieve used the White Rose to kill the Wise One for good. The Rose’s power was greatly diminished afterward, but Genevieve received what she had wanted all along – initiation as a Battle Sister.

Sweet Dreams
Hermann’s dreams have lately been plagued by the Daemon who calls herself the Lady, its stated goals being the corruption of Hermann, and more importantly, its own amusement. Regardless of how truthful these claims are, the fact remains that ever since the collective nightmare where the Lady visited the dreams of all of the Acolytes, she has constantly invaded Hermann’s. These visits are unlikely to stop until Hermann either does something the daemon wants, or until Hermann figures out a way to stop the Daemon from harassing him.
After the battle with Cerberos, Lady claimed that she had appeared to Hermann during his time unconscious in the battle against Cerberos’ tank, and had revealed many hidden truths to the priest, only to steal them away afterwards. She has offered to give the memories back to him, if only Hermann agrees to make a deal. Earlier, Hermann was also taken to the dream of Inquisitor Vicar, who warned Hermann that soon Lady would start striking at his companions.
Update: A daemonette told Hermann something about an upcoming “concert”. Whatever it is, it is probably not good.

The Servants of the Dark Prince:
The Slaanesh cultists seem somewhat unfocused, except for their leader’s obsession with Genevieve. What exactly are they doing on the planet? And why did they stop chasing a clear goal, just to goad Genevieve a little bit?
Update: They currently seem to be planning to strike against the train supposed to be carrying lord Sarawak’s daughter, Amalia.
Lady Tramarch mentioned that if the Acolytes were to get the warp modulator, she might be able to do something with it, perhaps even get some people off the planet.

The Nighmarish Vision
Yarl was given a vision from a barely alive man (?) who had been skinned alive, who told him that he could help, if he is to be released from his prison. Kerberus later confirmed they do have some odd, skinned alive bastard imprisoned in their promethium rig-base, kept alive “as painfully as possible” under the orders of the Crow himself.

Side Quests

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