Snope's World

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“Then I beheld the verdant land towards which the Blessed Saint had guided me these many years I wandered. I fell to my knees and wept tears of joy, for the Emperor’s Hand was upon me, and by His Will would we forever reign among the stars.”
–from The Chronicle of Lord Drazitine and the Path of the Iridescent Saint

“This was a beautiful world a long time ago. If Drazitine were still alive today, he would weep once again – but not out of joy. What we and our forefathers did with the Iridescent Saint’s gift to Drazitine… it cannot be forgiven. We cannot be redeemed. The sins of the past will never die.”
-from the manifesto Our Sins, written by the infamous heretic Count Harkon


Population: 20 billion, approximated (how many people live in the officially abandoned hives and cities is unknown)
World type: Hive World (Decaying)
Current planetary governor: Lord Corinth Nadrathor

The legends tell the tale of how Lord Drazitine, a scion of the Trader Dynasty of Hadaeko, found the verdant world he named Snope’s World after a visitation from the Iridescent Saint, a glimmerring apparition believed to be Saint Coronia the Iridescent. It is true that once this world was a paradise, untouched by the Imperium for thousands upon thousands of years before Drazitine was guided to it – but now, after centuries of exploitation, the world’s once lush forests have turned into toxic swamps, the clear skies filled with smog and in the seas only the hardiest creatures can survive. Once the lords of this world were among the richest of Askellon – now, their glory has long since faded, the surviving noble houses desperately fighting over the scraps left of the planet’s riches.

While the lords squabble amongst themselves, the billions toil in the surviving hives, mines and factories, scraping what living they can. When there is no more work to be had in a certain hive, people form caravans that trudge through the poisonous swamps in an attempt to reach another place of employment, the poor dregs desperate enough to fight amongst themselves for even the tiniest chance of scraping a living. Crime and corruption run amok amongst such desperate people – and the lords of these people are, if possible, even more susceptible to corruption and lawfulness. These are desperate times. Amongst the masses, doomsday cults worshipping the Pandemonium are common, amongst the lords, the lure of Chaos and its vile promises are ever present, and even the Faceless Trade has begun to take a foothold on the planet.
Hive Saturna:
The heart of this beleagured world, said to be established on the very spot where lord Drazitine originally landed on Snope’s world, the situation there is, perhaps, slightly better than elsewhere on the planet. The richest of the remaining lords, the most influential and prestigious, they all hold court here. Only the most powerful of the planet’s lords can be found in the Platinal Palace, the prestigious heart of the hive. And yet, the treachery, political games and corruption run more rampant here than anywhere else. Hive Saturna is the heart of everything on the planet, including its woes.


High up in hive Saturna live the upper classes of Snope’s World, nobility, clergy, members of most Adeptus and in general anyone who is something lives in the upper reaches of the hive. The towering spires of Saturnalian Court are adorned with thousands upon thousands of angelic figures, said to have been commissioned by Drazitine himself in ages past, in honor of the Saint Iridescent. Upper Saturna is the only place on Snope’s World that still looks mostly the same as it did in ages past, being less decayed than everything else on the planet. Here are the highest spires, the most opulent churches, the greatest statues. But behind the glimmering façade, the nobles play their bloody power games, out of lust for power, stubborn clinging to the past or out of sheer boredom.
Notable Locations: House of Huss, Saturnalian Court,


The lower parts of the hive, a decayed series of factories, habs, temples, streets and Emperor-Knows-What-Else. Here, most of the hive’s work force lives, toiling away their lives in misery. Each year, there are a few less jobs to do, and each year, scraping a living becomes more desperate. Right now Lower Saturna is in the throes of a civil uprising, the workers of the hive having had enough of their Lords. The workers of Saturna are a devout people, worshipping Saint Corania as the one who gave the Imperium the gift of Snope’s World – all the more reason to be angry at the Lords, as now Snope’s World is a decayed wreck of a planet, stuck in a downwards spiral towards doom.

Notable Locations: The hotel Acolytes resided in earlier,


The deeper portions of the hive, officially known as Central Saturna, unofficially as “the Depths”. The area is a true labyrinth made of old, abandoned streets, sewers, ancient machinery and forgotten secrets. Few live in those old decrepit areas, officially only a few hardy caretakers of machinery whose true purpose has been lost to the mists of time, but that Adeptus Mechanicus believes is vital to the continued operation of the hive itself. The reason for this abandonment of so much of the hive is linked to some past sin, rumors state that the infamous Count Harkon unleashed something within the depths of the hive, but officially Central Saturna has been declared too unstable to live in, due to occasional hive-quakes.
There is no hard rule as to where the Depths begin and end, as there are no known maps of it – most accept that it starts somewhere beyond the various stairs and roads leading into Upper Saturna from Lower Saturna, and ends somewhere below Upper Saturna, but nobody really knows the truth. There are always guides to be found though, as there still are some things in the deep darkness worth seeking out for…
Notable Locations: the Sewers,


Some of the luckiest citizens of Saturna have the privilege of working in the caverns beneath Saturna as miners, lucrative if dangerous work. Most of the wealth of Snope’s World has long since been plundered, but some nuggets still remain and the Lords of Saturna are determined to strip every last piece of precious metals and minerals from the ground. This is, of course, a poor decision in the long run – the continued mining operations are slowly eroding the ground beneath Saturna, and risking that one day the mighty city would crumble into the depths. Some cities and hives of Snope’s World have already met that fate, although there is one feature of the caverns that has kept Saturna intact so far: it is common knowledge among the miners that a certain area below Saturna, known as Drazitine’s Bedrock, has been forbidden as a mining location for generations, some claiming that Drazitine himself decreed that area to be restricted.

Notable Locations: Drazitine’s Bedrock, Main Base of the mining operations, Sicarius’ Hideout


Only the truly desperate live outside the walls of Hive Saturna, but there is an area right next to the hive that is still considered to be a part of it on some level. There are no walls separating the hostile and toxic wilderness and ‘civilization’ here, only the occasional poorly maintained guard tower. The area is mostly filled with shanty towns and abandoned manufactoriums, but a few are still operational – and hopefuls line up next to them for weeks or months, in a desperate attempt to get employment and a chance to perhaps even become a resident of Lower Saturna. There is no civil uprising here – nobody living on the edge of the Wasteland has any faith in a better tomorrow, only a faint wish that there might be a tomorrow.

Notable Locations:

Snope's World

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