The Diaries of Drazitine

UPDATE: All but 2, 3, and 5 have been returned by now, and the last three are in the hands of the rebels.

“Why do I even bother… BEING THIS GREAT!”

The first diary was rather innocent, it was about the early years of Drazitine as a Rogue Trader, during which he met his wife, had a child, and was generally having a good time.

“Why them, and not me…”

Third diary was all about the aftermath of the loss of Drazitine’s family, about the years during which he pretty much lost hope.

“Bloody Orks thought they could take me down, nah, I’m on a mission from a Saint! Nothing can stop me!”

Fifth diary was about the first years of Drazitine’s odyssey, and was basically a Rogue Trader doing Rogue Trader things. Ends with Drazitine’s retinue complete, the abhuman/mutant Minos, Kazamov the Explorator, the Missionary Davion Termil, the Scribe Languinn Termil and the diary ends shortly after Eizandra the Eldar joins Drazitine’s retinue.

“Something is wrong.”

Written in the years after the success of the odyssey, Drazitine and his retinue start to suspect something is wrong. The eight book’s study is incomplete, but the Thrice-Chosen is mentioned.

“I will return the 9th diary when the time is right. It is not safe here.”

The 9th diary was stolen by Angelika, one of Verdun’s scribes, on the eve of Huss’s big party. She later returned it, and it was revealed the last fifth of the book or so was filled with completely black pages, only readable by Garak so far. Within those pages were everchanging maps of the Depths, as well as plenty of writings in High Gothic, that Garak cannot read. The last pages before the black pages begun talked about how the “False Saint” had been defeated – and Drazitine referred to it as an explicitly male entity.

“I will not let the bloody Thrice-Chosen win, not now, not ever.”

While the Acolytes have not read it in any great detail, it would seem at least a part of the book has instructions intended for future generations.

The Diaries of Drazitine

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