The Eldar and the Prophecy


Tens of thousands of years ago (exact timeline unclear)

The Eldar have a sizable civilization in Askellon, and they are experimenting with some new sort of portal/gate technology, and open up a portal into somewhere extremely far away. Something went wrong, and something utterly monstrous came through (Echidna), and it was imprisoned somewhere on Askellon after a lenghty war. The original Gate was hidden, and the world that would later be known as Snope’s World was also hidden for reasons unknown, besides the fact that the Eldar thought that if it were ever found it would be dangerous for some reason.

It is likely that the incident ended Eldar rule in Askellon – the Eldar also seem to have wiped out most traces of these events, besides the written version of the prophecy on the walls of Bone Labyrinth’s inner chamber and whatever is written in the Chronodex (as Eldar sure do love stating prophecies even when trying to hide something). Even the Askellonian Eldar have that Askellonian habit of destroying the past. Some Eldar still kept parts of the information, as evidenced by Eizandra’s brother knowing about the prophecy.

Unknown point in time
The Lady takes up control of third test of the Labyrinth, and keeps it working for reasons unknown.

Drazitine vs. The Eldar

Eizandra joins Drazitine’s crew at some point, possibly at the behest of her brother, an Eldar farseer. On the other hand, Eizandra was the only Eldar to have a non-hostile relationship with Drazitine. The Rogue Trader and his crew find the mostly ruined Bone Labyrinth and try to fix it, and end up confronting Eizandra’s brother in battle – while Drazitine’s diaries did say something about this, it was somewhat unclear, besides the fact that the Eldar apparantely thought that Drazitine was meddling in things he shouldn’t, and they tried to kill Drazitine and his crew. Eizandra kills her brother some time after she had essentially become Drazitine’s right hand woman.

The diaries also mentioned other conflicts between the Eldar and Drazitine after the death of Eizandra’s brother, mostly glossed over although the Eldar in question were recognized as Harlequins or Dark Eldar in most cases. The diaries also implied that Eizandra had mentioned something about the prophecy not being well-known even amongst the Eldar, besides the part about Snope’s World being a world that should have stayed hidden.

It should also be noted that the Eldar led by Eizandra’s brother confronted Drazitine and his crew before Languin did the ritual that turned the demon who had tricked Drazitine (the original Iridescent Saint that had appeared to Drazitine) to mere unstable warp energy that Languin used to become Corania.

The 3000 years between Drazitine’s time and current time
The Eldar’s activities are mostly unknown, but they did not attack on Snope’s World after Drazitine’s time.

The civil war on Snope’s World
During the events of Snope’s World’s civil war, an Eldar Harlequin approaches Harratos and offers him a deal – kill Eizandra for her crimes against Eldar, and the Eldar would help in dealing with the Thrice-Chosen prophecy.

The Harlequin offered some information about the Gate, Prison, and the Thrice-Chosen, but the information was mostly the same that the Acolytes already knew, or were about to learn from the Bone Labyrinth. At the time Harratos also noticed ((scrutiny-testin jälkeen)) that the Harlequin was deliberately leaving things out from his information.

The Eldar seemed fairly certain that Harratos would listen to him – as if he’d known about Harratos’ past dealings with the Eldar.

The Harlequin’s message
Later, the Harlequin had bought Harratos’ five minutes from Mister Jenkins, and told him that Eizandra was going to be on Aventine, and offered Harratos some tea. Calls Eizandra an Arch-Criminal and a sinner again.

The Eldar and the Prophecy

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