The People of Askellon (NPCs)

++++ Inquisitor, here is the list of people of importance you requested ++++


The Inquisition:

Dragos Kell – the glum right hand man of the Inquisitor, also ridiculously evil and dangerous

Cerra – the Oracle in the service of the Inquisition

The Inquisitor – Lady Barbicane, the Inquisitor herself

Inquisitor Set – treacherous Inquisitor

Inquisitor Vicar – Lady’s favourite Inquisitor

Praenta – the supervisor of the Acolytes

Inquisitor Janis Petke – enigmatic Inquisitor

Snope’s World:

Rogue Trader Huss – retired Rogue Trader, the master of the House of Ancient Glory

Sicarius – Hero of the People

Angelika – a kind scribe

Janette Huss – a trophy wife

Mr. Throkk – an excellent bodyguard

General Maximoff – the Supreme Commander of Snopesian PDF


Steve Bubs – a mercenary.

The Kerberi – three big and armored leaders.

Cpt Lament – a retired guardsman.

Sister superior Lethin – temporary leader of White Rose Resistance.

Operative Gamma – Callidus Assassin on an unknown mission

Eizandra – not-quite-that-enigmatic Eldar, old ally of Drazitine’s and Languin Temeril’s/Corania’s

Lord Sarawak – the planetary governor, a decent man

Lady Tramarch – a Mechanicus affiliated noble who owns most of the planet’s promethium drilling rigs, one of the suspects for Ice Heart’s true identity

General Melissa Fallthroe – ruler of the western arm of PDF forces, one of the suspects for Ice Heart’s true identity

Princess Amalia – daughter of Lord Sarawak, one of the suspects for Ice Heart’s true identity

Nicodemus – Oscarl’s old mercenary buddy, runs around with a horrible Drakkar Brute

Elodie – strangely powerful masked Slaanesh cultist that claims to be Genevieve’s lost mentor from Juno

Survivors of Lady’s Game – three people who survived through a night of horrors


Robed figure – Corania, the Saint Iridescent?

Mister Jenkins – An honest trader.

The Other Yarl – the other Yarl

The Three Spectators – three demons led by the enigmatic Lady, seemingly watching with great joy the unfolding drama

Villains – an assortment of horrible people and entities


Verdun – former Acolyte of Inquisitor Barbicane, current Inquisitorial contact embedded in the staff of retired Rogue Trader Lazarus Huss

St Burnius Killus – One of the lesser known saints of the Askellon sector.

Mother Frenzia – Former abbess of the Sororita convent on Juno.

Drazitine – legendary Rogue Trader who was the first to fight against a Thrice-Chosen

Father Malvadore – follower of Saint Echidna

The People of Askellon (NPCs)

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