The Three Spectators

The Lady, The Uncle, and The Wise One
There are some to whom the suffering of the people of Askellon is more entertaining, than any plot to destroy it…

The Lady, the beguiler, a master manipulator
The leader of the three demons who amuse themselves by following what the Acolytes are doing, and the most proactive one of the three – she was the first to notice the Acolytes, and she is currently tormenting Hermann each night. Presents herself in a variety of guises, but always a beautiful woman. Was revealed to be paradoxically both ancient and yet unborn by Inquisitor Vicar to whose dreams Lady took Hermann, the Lady has ‘lived’ for tens of thousands of years, but at the same time the events that caused her birth have yet to happen in real space. Seems to be currently ramping up her efforts to torment Hermann.

The Uncle, the lazy one, friend to all
The ugly as sin demon, who barely adopted a human visage when the three spectators each tried to offer Garak a deal. Has not done anything noteworthy since. Has occasionally appeared to Harratos, but has done very little besides that (and has not said anything to anyone after the initial introduction to Garak). He is still watching though. Biding his time.

The Wise one, the schemer, the one whose dice always roll snake eyes
Was the third member of the trio, and Garak’s and Cerberos’ demonic sponsor. Was slain by Genevieve with the White Rose when the daemon risked giving enormous amounts of power to Cerberos and and became vulnerable, allowing the Sister to plunge the White Rose to its chest.

The Three Spectators

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