The Yarl in a Mirror

Yarl looked up from the mirror to see, well, himself right in front of him.

An illusion? An image of himself?

He tried moving his arm, and the other Yarl did exactly the same, with a look of confusion on his face.

A demon? “You are a copy of me”, both Yarls said at once.

Yarl saw his comrades eye him and the other Yarl suspiciously. The Handler had not yet shot him, so he clearly did not consider this a major incident. The psychotic lady was reaching for a fire bomb.

“You are a clever demon, repeating everything I do”, both Yarls said. A look of horror flashed accross both their faces. A demon in his guise, capable of perfect mimicry! This could easily get him killed, unless he handled the situation with utmost care. Unfortunately, his comrades were shouting things and advancing upon Yarl and the demon.

The psychotic lady threw a firebomb at the demon, which caught fire. This made the demon run, pausing only for a moment to extinguish the flames with foul warp power. “At least it is not a particularly powerful demon”, Yarl thought, as the demon ran for its miserable, despicable imitation of a life.

The Yarl in a Mirror

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