Things Eizandra said

Sidenote: Eizandra was confirmed as a sanctioned Xeno. Had the tattoo and everything.

Subject A: Corania is a fuck up

Corania is a moron, and a dangerous one at that. Messiah complex and utter belief in self righteousness combined with vast power.

Also Dragos Kell is a thing because Corania tried to create the perfect Saint through eugenics, by having the Chastess family line be full of exemplar human beings (as the whole family line started from an affair between Drazitine and the original Aventine Butcher’s sister). Unfortunately for Corania, Dragos wanted nothing to do with the whole thing and assumed the glowing figure who appeared in his dreams to be a demon. Eventually Corania did something stupid according to Eizandra, after which she appeared sobbing to Eizandra before Corania begun to completely ignore Dragos.

Subject B: Prophecy is bollocks

Corania mistranslated the prophecy. As a result, Eizandra has no idea what the bad guys are actually up to on Aventine right now. Also, the prophecy is actually probably a description of a curse – there seem to be cycles where the same bad things keep happening over and over again, which fits if the whole thing is a curse.

Subject C: Eldar are dicks

Eldar are dicks who do nothing about the Thrice-Chosen thing, with the only ones that seem to pay attention being Eldar Harlequins that keep trying to murderize Eizandra. Also some suspiciously convenvient events such as Eldar attacks have helped the Thrice-Chosen prophecy/curse to move along.

Subject D: Paranoid conspiracy

Eizandra suspects there is some entity or group that is basically doing the same as Corania is doing, except on the opposite side – that is, manipulating things so that the prophecy/curse does happen. Asked that did anyone know how the fuck did the bad guys find out about what they are supposed to do if Corania keeps trying to annihilate everyone who so much as mentions the Thrice-Chosen, let alone tries to become one.

Subject E: Ice-Heart

Eizandra has found out some facts about the Ice-Heart: she has some bionics, she has a shitload of influence and personal power, and some other things. She has narrowed down the list of suspects to three, Amalia, daughter of Lord Sarawak (the planetary governor), general Melissa Fallthroe, and the owner of most of Aventine’s promethium drilling platform’s, lady Tramarch.

Subject F: Webway center

Below Eizandra’s cabin there lies an ancient Eldar complex, that was once some sort of webway hub on Aventine – and some of the portals still work. Only an Eldar is capable of using it. Eizandra is willing to help the Acolytes use it, as it is the fastest way to get around on the planet as the ocean seems to be freezing at the moment.

Subject G: Warp fuckery

Reality is slightly borken at the moment, certain acts are likely to attract demons. Other fuckery might also happen.

Subject H: Some mysterious object

Eizandra said she was about to leave to get something, and said she’d be probably back in her cabin in a couple of days.

Things Eizandra said

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