Not all evils work towards the same goals

The Lady – The Daemon Prince(ss) of Slaanesh that has been a long time frenemy of the Warband, now free on Aventine

The Crow – ???

The Commander – Murderous mercenary

Kerberos – mysterious mercenary

The Dark Figure – the terror in the night

Sister Elodie – the damned sister

The Eldest Child – the oldest of Echidna’s children, the puppeteer of Theodore Malvadore

Gorgon – the unknown second high ranking merc officer (the Kerberi being counted as one for this)

Ice Heart – a female figure in Yarl’s prophecy about the future, was working with the giant of a mercenary

Mini – The traitorous scribe

Mallus von Behring – ally of the mercenaries

The Three Spectators – three entities with great interest in the Acolytes


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