St Burnius Killus

“I had to kill fast, but bullet too slow.”
- St. Killus commenting the slaughter of the Infiniorks.

St. Burnius Killus is one of the lesser known saints in Askellon. He is especially revered by those who know that best way of bringing Emperor’s Peace is with a heavy hammer and large flamer. St. Killus was deified for his great deeds of killing more heretics and xenos than the other saints combined. Times two.
They say his whole body was a weapon and there are certified records of him using every part of his body to perform a finisher.

St. Killus spent most of his mortal life battling against his nemesis, the arch-heretic Freezius Sparus, who attempted through treachery to harbour and instill tolerance in the Imperium.

Amongst the Ecclesiarchy Askelline, Killus’ canonity is a great matter of debate and it has been convincinly brought into question whether such a hero even existed. However the holovids made of his life and holy deeds have brought millions of volunteers to the folds of the Imperial war machine, so the most reasonable ecclesiarchs tend to downplay the controversy surrounding St. Burnius.

St Burnius Killus

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