The Kerberi

Three leaders of the mercenaries stationed on Aventine. They have a theme that would be silly, if they weren’t horrible murder machines. You better not mix them up.

They all have their big size and a fancy for big, black spiked armour in common, but there the similarities end. It is known that one is a mighty sorcerer, while another relies on brawn. The third remains to be met.

Acolytes surprised the strong one, when a local khornate cult appealed for aid and foolishly brought the Acolytes to attend.

Current Status:
Cerberos: Dead.
Kerberus: Imprisoned by lord Sarawak’s forces, defected from the forces of the Thrice-Chosen.
Kerberos: Still at large, changed his name to Thanatos and works for the Lady now.

The Kerberi

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