The Speech of Sicarius

Full transcript of the speech of Sicarius at the Drazitine Gate, a secondary gate to Upper Saturna

[the man known as Sicarius steps to the roof of a local ground vehicle, flanked by two members of the local Ecclesiarchy]

”Brothers! Sisters! I am glad to see so many of you have arrived here today! To see so many friendly faces, people united in a common cause! Even in these dire times, when the lords in their spires feast and celebrate our misery, it warms my heart to see such devotion! I especially thank the devout members of the Ecclesiarchy, who support our righteous cause! The Emperor protects us all, and once, we were blessed to live on this planet, the divine gift from Saint Corania to Lord Drazitine! Once, the Lords and the people lived in harmony, our rulers were righteous, and to live on Snope’s World was a blessing!

But! This is not how it is today, is it? Once verdant landscapes are now rotten, decayed, doomed to oblivion. Cities abandoned, left to crumble. Memory of the glorious past is just that, a memory. AND WHOSE FAULT IS IT, I ASK YOU?! Who are the blasphemers who wasted this divine gift?! Who are the fools who in their greed ripped apart this world’s beautiful mountains, grinded them down to dust, just to make a profit? Who are the madmen who hide behind the legacy of Drazitine, claiming that they have an Emperor given right to rule us?

The so-called Lords of this world, they have failed us! They have failed Drazitine! And most importantly, they have failed our blessed saint Coronia and the Emperor himsefl!

[In the crowd, there is much cheering, and jeering of Enforcers who are observing the speech. Some rocks are thrown. Only the presence of priests in the crowd and by the side of Sicarius prevent major escalation.]

Thank you, thank you! But I only tell you the truth, nothing more. We must demand justice! We must demand our Lords to accept their Sins! To redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor! They claim they are righteous, that their noble birth gives them a right! The right to exploit! To ravage! To rip apart this planet and its people! But remember this: those that seek excuses for their actions, are doomed to fail.

[tensions have been steadily rising between the crowd and the Enforcers – the arrival of priests accusing Sicarius and his followers of heresy escalates matters further. Arbites have also arrived. Guards from Drazitine Gate have also arrived to reinforce the Enforcers already present.]

They have taken everything from us, but our pride! They claim us worthless! Lazy! Sinners! HERETICS! HOW DARE THEY?! THOSE WHO HAVE RUINED THE SAINT’S GIFT! Liars! Thieves! Murderers! Monst-

[the crowd’s cheering has reached a fever point, the screams of the crowd, the priests of opposing factions, and the calls for order by the Arbites and Enforcers all drown out each other. Up until a single gunshot is heard, no voice is comprehensible. An Enforcer officer raised his pistol and tried to shoot at Sicarius, but missed and hit one of the priests flanking him instead. The crowd rushes towards the officer in fury, bludgeoning the man to death in seconds. The rest of the Arbites and Enforcers open fire at the crowd, Sicarius begins to retreat, still speaking into his megaphone]

MURDERERS! Father Korinth has been slain! Blood has been shed! Finally they reveal their true colors, their madness! This will not stand! Brothers and sisters! This will be avenged! The streets will run red with the blood of these sinners, the sins of the Lords will be punished! Vengeance SHALL BE OURS! THE MURDERERS WILL BURN! EMPEROR AS MY WITNESS, THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS! Remember this day! Remember the sin they committed!

[More than a hundred people die in minutes, most of them civilians come to listen to the speech. Hundreds more are arrested. Sicarius manages to escape the slaughter, disappearing into the night.]

The Speech of Sicarius

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