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Dumont’s Thoughts on the Warband


He’s a witch. And a ticking time bomb. Not to mention he’s clearly mad. It also baffles me how he still lives. Either the Emperor truly watches over him for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, or there’s some really nasty entity that keeps him alive for its own twisted amusement. My throne gelt’s on the latter, truth be told. Still, he has that suicidal devotion that only those with no hope have, which is starting to become an occupational requirement at this point.
ADDENDUM 1: Well… He’s dead now, I… think? Corania did something weird to him (And Eizandra hit her with the shovel again), and he just plain disappeared.

A soldier who seems to have had past dealings with witches judging by his interactions with the one in our warband. I would like to say he’s a rock: solid, dependable, but I’m not really so sure about that anymore… The incident with the daemon prince in that underground vault in the Eldar ruins seems to have gotten to him, unfortunately. Still, I’d say that when it comes down to it, I trust him the most, which ultimately probably says more about the rest of this warband than him.

The New Guy Lemant
One of Inquisitor Vicar’s Acolytes, or so he told us (Like I could confirm or deny that, ha). Never gave us his name, and instead insisted on a code name that I sure as hell don’t even remember anymore. He’s no slouch though, seems to know what he’s doing for the most part, really. But his inexperience and naivete is kind of showing through (Is that a Calixian thing? Probably), but if he can grow out of that mindset, he might make it off this rock alive.

Doesn’t really talk much. And when he does, he talks about weird things, the kind that don’t really seem to have much to do with what we’re doing. Old things. Ancient, even. I’m not really sure what his deal is, exactly. He can hold his own in a brawl though, so there’s that.

The brother of Acrisius apparently. Never shuts up. That I can handle, though. His main problem is that he’s too damn curious, which is probably going to kill him in the long run unless he tones it down considerably. Which he probably won’t (Goddamn tech priests, how do they work?). There also probably going to be friction between the two of us after I burned down “that” for Petke. I hope that we can get over it, the last thing I need is an unhinged tech priest with a grudge against me (By the Emperor, I swear I’m going to smack the hell out of him if he tries to inject me with “genes” while I’m sleeping or something).
ADDENDUM 1: I really need to keep a closer eye on him in the future. He injected the witch with some weird drug (Which in retrospect turned to be the one that the new guy said he’d been investigating, and the others said they’d run into before), made the guy go completely ballistic.


A Sororita, and a hardcore puritan to boot (to no one’s surprise). A funny twist of fate that she was the one to set free the demon that had possessed the witch, even though we told her that killing Yarl would be the worst kind of mistake. She sure fucked that up, and then blamed us for the whole mess. At least she’s gone now. If nothing else, she seems like the kind of crazy to throw herself at Lady and her demon lackeys in whatever final showdown there’s going to be at the end of this clusterfuck of an operation.

Supposedly he was a priest, though he didn’t really seem to act or talk like any priest I’ve ever known. He also seemed to be losing it, just like a whole lot of other people… Maybe it was that book? Not much else to say here. He’s probably dead now, or worse. Probably worse.

That Mutant Whose Name Escapes Me
Apparently this guy was the same one that I saw Cerberos kicking the shit out of before this whole debacle with the blood sky started. Felt sorry for him back then. Apparently he tried to sell out the rest of his warband, didn’t really work out for him in the end it seems.

Dumont’s Thoughts Regarding Lady’s Lies and Truths
Since it’s a demon we’re talking about, my gut instinct would be to assume that we’re being played with, and that all the statements are lies. Or alternatively, they’re all true. Demons just love playing mind games like that with mortals… And I’ve already fallen into the trap because I considered the possibilities. And it hurts my head. By the Emperor, I really could use a lho-stik and some amasec right now…

“An Eldar told Kell about how he is the Thrice-Chosen.”
I know the Eldar like to be cryptic, so it seems odd that one would be as straightforward as this. Then again, Eizandra wasn’t like any Eldar I’ve seen or heard about during my career, and she’s probably not the only one. I suppose this could go either way, so it’s PLAUSIBLE.

“Once Ice Heart has completed her three sacrifices the Gate shall open once again.”
The cultists seem to believe this, not that it proves much either way. Eizandra argued that the wording related to the prophecy here is incorrect, however. Whatever they’re trying is bad regardless, though the possibility remains that is possibly false. Still, MIGHT BE TRUE.
ADDENDUM 1: Seems we don’t really have to worry about this one so much anymore, judging by recent events. Not that our situation is any less FUBAR anyway.

“The Inquisitor on the planet that is NOT your dear friend Set holds the key to Aventine’s salvation.”
In the light of recent events, this probably means Petke, though I’d prefer to reserve judgment until we can find out more about him. Still, there was also talk about some kind of assassin, who allegedly was also an Inquisition asset. Though whether or not that one’s operating solo, or if there’s an actual third Inquisitor lurking on Aventine, I’ve no idea. Based on what we know so far I’d say this one is PLAUSIBLE.
ADDENDUM 1: Petke is from Malleus (Thank the Emperor for that), so if he won’t try to kill us (One Inquisitor trying to kill me per planet is enough, thank you very much) and we can cooperate, I’d probably upgrade this one to TRUE. Or maybe I’m just being desperately optimistic, who knows?
ADDENDUM 2: Petke had a Dark Eldar accompanying him, and that “thing” too, so he’s more than a little radical. Not to mention that room I had to burn down, but I’m trying not to think about it too much…
ADDENDUM 3: Well, I suppose I was desperately optimistic after all. The new guy did some digging on his own while we went to Petke’s base (He sure got lucky with his assignment), and found some information indicating that Petke is not the one, and this one’s FALSE. Not sure where and how the new guy found this one, so really, I’ve half a mind to reserve judgment… Still, by now it’s clear that Petke is a radical, so the pieces fit, sort of. It also makes me wonder if that Operative Gamma we ran into in the fortress is working solo, or if there’s an inquisitor pulling her strings. She seemed pretty determined to piss in Petke’s morning cereal, that’s for sure. Though it would be a gambit pileup of pretty epic proportions if there was another damn inquisitor running around on this forsaken rock. Should probably investigate this trail of leads further…

“There is still humanity left within Kazamov, and if you approach him correctly, he might just be able to be dragged away from the mad course he is on.”
I don’t really believe this one… In my view, tech priests have the tendency to become detached from the reality of flesh and blood people, for obvious reasons. And this Kazamov fellow is old… Really old. Which means that he’s had time to sail past the point of no return several times already. As such, this one is PROBABLY FALSE.
ADDENDUM 1: Jury still pretty sure that tech priests are weird and probably crazy (Exhibit one: Proetus).

“Most of this whole mess is Corania’s fault. Why, she even planted the idea of suicide in Drazitine’s head, whether intentionally or not. What a fuck up.”
I don’t know much about this Corania fellow first hand, but what Eizandra told us about her seems to match this one, surprisingly enough. If it weren’t for that, I would most likely disregard this one. Right now, it seems that it MIGHT BE TRUE.
ADDENDUM 1: Interesting enough, we actually had a face to face encounter with Corania, which in retrospect gives me a weird feeling. Not only because of the whole living saint thing, but also because Eizandra kept hitting her in the face with a spade while we talked (No, I’m not making that part up, believe me). She definitely seemed powerful (Even erased our entire memories of the day before we talked for some reason she refused to discuss), though also a bit… Uh… I dunno… goofy?

“What Ice Heart personally wants more than anything else, is the power to kill absolutely everyone who could threaten Aventine in any way. This includes your group by the way. And probably like a quarter of Askellon’s populace.”
I have a little theory regarding this one, and it’s that desperate people make desperate deals. So it’s possible that, whoever Ice Heart is, they started out as someone that wanted nothing but the best for Aventine (And I couldn’t blame them, what a fine planet it used to be), and specific circumstances forced them to make deals they normally wouldn’t, for the planet’s sake. The main point here is that you rarely get what you bargained for, and so it’s likely that regardless of Ice Heart’s true intentions, whatever she’s trying to do will cause lots of pain and suffering. Still, if it really is as I theorized, the statement itself is PLAUSIBLE, and POSSIBLY TRUE as well.

Dumont's Conspiracy Wall

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